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How to Prevent Thinning and Hair Loss?

We shed our hair daily, but it is a normal thing to happen. On an average, a human loses around 80 hair strands in a day. The problem arises if your hair isn’t growing back or you are losing way more than the average hair loss.

Hair loss is a problem which can affect either your scalp only or even your entire body. It can be an effect of various reasons. The causes can be heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or medications. Baldness basically refers to the excessive hair loss from your scalp.

The most common cause of baldness is hereditary hair loss with age. Many people let their hair be as they are, while others may treat it or hide it. They may cover it up with various hairstyles, use makeup, wear hats or scarves, or even wear a wig. Some people may also choose to treat their hair to prevent the further loss of hair and to restore the growth of their hair.

Hair loss can happen in anyone. But, it is seen more often in men as compared to women. Mostly, this is due to male pattern baldness. However, thinning hair and hair loss are common among women too, and it is as demoralizing as it is in men. The reasons for this can range from single and temporary cause like vitamin deficiency or more complex causes like an underlying health condition.

In most of the cases, the hair loss can be treated in both men and women. You just have to ascertain the cause of the problem. We have listed out several solutions to help reduce thinning and hair loss. While many of the cures can be applied to both men and women, we have broadly classified the items into two depending upon the frequency in which they occur in both.


Regularly shampoo your hair

Regularly washing your hair helps prevent hair loss as it jeeps the hair and scalp clean. It lowers the risk of infection. Less dandruff would lead to less hair loss.

Vitamin intake

Vitamins are healthy for your overall well being, including the health of your hair. Vitamin A increases sebum production and Vitamin E increases the blood circulation in the scalp. Vitamin B helps the hair to maintain its healthy color.

Increase Protein in diet

Protein rich meat, fish, soy promote hair health which help curb hair loss.

Massage scalp with oils

You should massage your scalp with essential oil for a couple of minutes. You can even add lavender in almond or sesame oil. Massaging will help your hair follicles to remain active.

Avoid combing wet hair

Your hair is in the weakest state when it is wet. Therefore, it is advised to not brush your hair when they are wet. If it is of utmost importance to comb, use a wide toothed comb.

Avoid brushing frequently

You should avoid brushing your frequently as it can injure your hair and increase hair loss. Alternatively, you can use your fingers to undo tangles, and not a comb or a brush.

Apply juices

You can apply one of the garlic juices, onion juice, or ginger juice to reduce hair loss.  Rub one of the juices, leave it overnight and wash it the following morning. You should do it regularly and the results will start showing in a week itself.

Drink enough water

Keep yourself hydrated and drink at least 4 to 8 cups of water in a day for the healthy growth of hair.

Green Tea

You don’t have to drink green tea but rub it on your hair! You need to put 2 bags of green tea in a cup of hot water and leave it to cool. Afterwards, apply it to your hair. Leave it as it is for an hour and then rinse thoroughly. The results can be seen in 10 days.

Reduce alcohol content

You should consider reducing your alcohol intake as alcohol reduces hair growth.

Stop smoking

Smoking cigarettes reduces the amount of blood flowing to the scalp which causes hair loss.

Physical activity

You should consider doing any physical activity every day. It can include either running or swimming or even biking.


De-stressing helps to curb the hair loss. Meditation and yoga are the best way to achieve this.

Keep your head sweat free

Dandruff increases chances of hair fall which is increased by sweating.

Men often experience hair loss in summer when they wear helmet. Therefore, wearing a scarf can help prevent hair loss.

Take care of your health

Many diseases bring along with them, the problem of hair loss. Hence, it is advised to take better care of your health.

Watch your medication

Certain medicines may have side effects, and hair loss might be one of them.

Avoid Chemicals

Harsh chemicals, permanent color products can damage your hair to a great extent. You should stop using coloring your hair if you are experiencing hair loss.

Meet your doctor regularly

You should visit your doctor regularly for any underlying illness or condition. There are many health problems which can cause change in hormonal balance and eventually lead to hair fall.


Avoid tight hairstyles

Tight ponytails, braids etc that pull your small hair can cause hair loss. These hairstyles induce stress which pulls the delicate hair of your hairline and thereby causing hair loss. Try using elastic instead of a metal while doing the ponytail. It makes your hair less tangled.

Don’t use tools that use high heat

Heat causes the bonds in your hair strands to fracture which makes the hair to break. If you wish to use a straigtener, be sure to move it regularly every ten seconds. Try letting your hair dry naturally.

Avoid chemical processing

Bleaching, chemically straightening or lightening can damage your hair badly. It is advisable to avoid all these activities to prevent hair fall.

Eat healthy food

You should start eating food rich in vitamins, minerals such as B12, iron, zinc. They help to revitalize thinning strands.

Scalp massage

Scalp massage improves blood circulation to scalp and thereby stimulate hair growth.

Essential Oils

Carrot seed, cypress, rosemary, lavender can help promote hair growth. These oils have regenerative, soothing and balancing properties which improve your scalp’s condition.

Updated: January 30, 2019 — 12:27 pm

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